Source code for api4jenkins.input

# encoding: utf-8
import json

from .item import Item
from .mix import RawJsonMixIn

[docs]class PendingInputAction(RawJsonMixIn, Item): ''' this class implement functionality to process `input step <>`_ ''' def __init__(self, jenkins, raw): super().__init__( jenkins, f"{jenkins.url}{raw['abortUrl'].rstrip('abort')}") self.raw = raw self.raw['_class'] = 'PendingInputAction'
[docs] def abort(self): '''submit `input step <>`_''' return self.handle_req('POST', 'abort')
[docs] def submit(self, **params): '''submit `input step <>`_ - for input requires parametes: - if submit without parameters, it will use default value of parameters - if submit with wrong parameters, exception raised - for input does not requires parameters, but submit with paramters, exception raised ''' if params: args = [a['name'] for a in self.raw['inputs']] params_keys = list(params.keys()) if not args: raise TypeError( f'input takes 0 argument, but got {params_keys}') if not all(k in args for k in params_keys): raise TypeError( f'input takes arguments: {args}, but got {params_keys}') params = [{'name': k, 'value': v} for k, v in params.items()] data = {'proceed': self.raw['proceedText'], 'json': json.dumps({'parameter': params})} return self.handle_req('POST', 'submit', data=data) return self.handle_req('POST', 'proceedEmpty')