Welcome to api4jenkins’s documentation!

Api4jenkins is an object oriented Python project that provides access to the Jenkins Remote access API programmatically. It assiciates/constructs python class/object with Jenkins’s items and JSON API.

It provides but not limits functionalities to control Job, Build, Node, View, Credential, BuildQueue, Plugins and System:

  • get/delete/create/move/rename/copy/build/enable/disable job or folder, iterate children jobs with depth, folder based views/credentials functionalities

  • get/iterate builds of project, stop/term/kill build, get progressive console output.

  • get/delete/create/iterate views for jenkins or folder. add/remove jobs to/from view.

  • get/delete/create/iterate credentials for system or folder.

  • get/delete/create/iterate nodes, run groovy script on node.

  • get/cancel/iterate queue item, get job/build from queue item.

  • restart/safe restart/quiet down/cancel quiet down/run groovy script for master

  • get item status(int, bool, str) by accessing attribute of python object.

  • install/uninstall/iterate plugin, check installation status, change update site and set proxy

Quick start

Here is an example to create and build job, then monitor progressive output until it’s done.

>>> from api4jenkins import Jenkins
>>> j = Jenkins('', auth=('admin', 'admin'))
>>> j.version
>>> xml = """<?xml version='1.1' encoding='UTF-8'?>
... <project>
...   <builders>
...     <hudson.tasks.Shell>
...       <command>echo $JENKINS_VERSION</command>
...     </hudson.tasks.Shell>
...   </builders>
... </project>"""
>>> j.create_job('freestylejob', xml)
>>> job = j.get_job('freestylejob')
>>> print(job)
>>> print(job.parent)
>>> print(job.jenkins)
>>> import time
>>> item = job.build()
>>> while not item.get_build():
...      time.sleep(1)
>>> build = item.get_build()
>>> print(build)
>>> for line in build.progressive_output():
...     print(line)
Started by user admin
Running as SYSTEM
Building in workspace /var/jenkins_home/workspace/freestylejob
[freestylejob] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/jenkins2989549474028065940.sh
Finished: SUCCESS
>>> build.building
>>> build.result

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