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# encoding: utf-8
from .item import Item, camel, snake

[docs] class GetMixIn:
[docs] def get(self, name): for item in self: if == name: return item return None
[docs] class ResultBase: def __init__(self, raw): self.raw = raw def __getattr__(self, name): camel_name = camel(name) if camel_name in self.raw: return self.raw[camel_name] return super().__getattribute__(name) def __str__(self): return f'<{type(self).__name__}: {}>' def __dir__(self): return super().__dir__() + [snake(k) for k in self.raw]
[docs] class TestReport(Item, GetMixIn): def __iter__(self): for suite in self.api_json()['suites']: yield TestSuite(suite) @property def suites(self): yield from self
[docs] class TestSuite(ResultBase, GetMixIn): def __iter__(self): for case in self.raw['cases']: yield TestCase(case) @property def cases(self): yield from self
[docs] class TestCase(ResultBase): pass
[docs] class CoverageReport(Item, GetMixIn): '''Access coverage report generated by `JaCoCo <>`_''' report_types = ['branchCoverage', 'classCoverage', 'complexityScore', 'instructionCoverage', 'lineCoverage', 'methodCoverage'] def __getattr__(self, name): attr = camel(name) if attr not in self.report_types: raise AttributeError( f"'CoverageReport' object has no attribute '{name}'") return self.get(attr) def __iter__(self): for k, v in self.api_json().items(): if k != '_class' and k != 'previousResult': v['name'] = k yield Coverage(v)
[docs] def trends(self, count=2): def _resolve(data): if data['previousResult']: yield from _resolve(data['previousResult']) for k, v in data.items(): if k != '_class' and k != 'previousResult': v['name'] = k yield Coverage(v) yield from _resolve(self.api_json(depth=count))
[docs] class Coverage(ResultBase): pass
[docs] class CoverageResult(Item, GetMixIn): '''Access coverage result generated by `Code Coverage API <>`_''' def __iter__(self): for element in self.api_json(depth=1)['results']['elements']: yield CoverageElement(element)
[docs] class CoverageElement(ResultBase): pass
[docs] class CoverageTrends(Item, GetMixIn): def __iter__(self): for trend in self.api_json(depth=1)['trends']: trend['name'] = trend['buildName'] yield CoverageTrend(trend)
[docs] class CoverageTrend(ResultBase): def __iter__(self): for element in self.raw['elements']: yield CoverageElement(element)