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# encoding: utf-8

import re
import time

from .artifact import Artifact, save_response_to
from .input import PendingInputAction
from .item import Item
from .mix import DeletionMixIn, DescriptionMixIn, ActionsMixIn
from .report import CoverageReport, CoverageResult, CoverageTrends, TestReport

[docs] class Build(Item, DescriptionMixIn, DeletionMixIn, ActionsMixIn):
[docs] def console_text(self, stream=False): with self.handle_req('GET', 'consoleText', stream=stream) as resp: for line in resp.iter_lines(): yield line
[docs] def progressive_output(self, html=False): url = 'logText/progressiveHtml' if html else 'logText/progressiveText' start = 0 while True: resp = self.handle_req('GET', url, params={'start': start}) time.sleep(1) if start == resp.headers.get('X-Text-Size'): continue yield resp.text if not resp.headers.get('X-More-Data'): break start = resp.headers['X-Text-Size']
[docs] def stop(self): return self.handle_req('POST', 'stop', allow_redirects=False)
[docs] def term(self): return self.handle_req('POST', 'term', allow_redirects=False)
[docs] def kill(self): return self.handle_req('POST', 'kill', allow_redirects=False)
[docs] def get_next_build(self): item = self.api_json(tree='nextBuild[url]')['nextBuild'] if item: return self.__class__(self.jenkins, item['url']) return None
[docs] def get_previous_build(self): item = self.api_json(tree='previousBuild[url]')['previousBuild'] if item: return self.__class__(self.jenkins, item['url']) return None
[docs] def get_job(self): '''get job of this build''' job_name = self.jenkins._url2name(re.sub(r'\w+[/]?$', '', self.url)) return self.jenkins.get_job(job_name)
[docs] def get_test_report(self): tr = TestReport(self.jenkins, f'{self.url}testReport/') return tr if tr.exists() else None
[docs] def get_coverage_report(self): '''Access coverage report generated by `JaCoCo <>`_''' cr = CoverageReport(self.jenkins, f'{self.url}jacoco/') return cr if cr.exists() else None
[docs] def get_coverage_result(self): '''Access coverage result generated by `Code Coverage API <>`_''' cr = CoverageResult(self.jenkins, f'{self.url}coverage/result/') return cr if cr.exists() else None
[docs] class WorkflowRun(Build):
[docs] def get_pending_input(self): '''get current pending input step''' data = self.handle_req('GET', 'wfapi/describe').json() if not data['_links'].get('pendingInputActions'): return None action = self.handle_req('GET', 'wfapi/pendingInputActions').json()[0] action["abortUrl"] = action["abortUrl"][action["abortUrl"].index("/job/"):] return PendingInputAction(self.jenkins, action)
[docs] def get_artifacts(self): artifacts = self.handle_req('GET', 'wfapi/artifacts').json() return [Artifact(self.jenkins, art) for art in artifacts]
[docs] def save_artifacts(self, filename=''): with self.handle_req('GET', 'artifact/*zip*/') as resp: save_response_to(resp, filename)
[docs] class FreeStyleBuild(Build): pass
[docs] class MatrixBuild(Build): pass